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SULPHODENT Toothpaste 60g

  • Sulphodent Toothpaste with biologically active substances, the use of which is indicated in the prevention of periodontitis. Pasta supports the healing of periodontal inflammation and gingival inflammation, and additionally refreshing breath.


SULPHODENT Toothpaste Ingredients:

Bioactive Ingredients: Mineral Salt Salt - 1% Salmon Sulfur-36% Saline Ingredients: Glycerol 86% -23%, Peppermint Oil - 0.7%, Sorbitol- 7.7%, Methyl Hydroxybenzoate , 1%, others - up to 100%.

Action and use:
Sulphodent Toothpaste is a natural preparation containing biologically active substances, such as: mineral salt, saline sulphide-sulfur-36%. The preparation is indicated for use in periodontal inflammatory conditions in the periodontium and prophylactically to prevent periodontal disease. The paste thoroughly cleanses the teeth, contributes to the removal of plaque builders and leaves the oral cavity for long lasting freshness. The paste does not affect the epithelial epithelial image, which is related to the safety of use in cases of suspected malignant lesions.

Dosage SULPHODENT Toothpaste:

2-3 times a day brush teeth with a paste and gently massage the gums with a soft toothbrush for about 2-3 minutes. After washing thoroughly rinse.