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Deodorant Stick Super Deo Reutter

Reutter GMBH

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Deodorant Stick Super Deo Reutter 50g

  • Deodorant stick. Super Deo Reutter is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic way to maintain hygiene of body parts that are prone to sweating. Natural pin prevents the growth of micro-organisms and release of odor.

Deodorant Stick Ingredients:
Ammonium alum.

Action Deodorant Stick:
Super Deo Reutter Deodorant Stick is a completely natural cosmetics, which ideally suited as a way to maintain hygiene sensitive skin prone to allergies. Deodorant Stick contains no additional coloring substances, perfumes and irritating, so that leaves no traces on clothing and does not change the smell of perfume. Stick lasts for years, even with daily use. The product leaves a thin protective layer on the skin. The natural crystalline rock of volcanic origin prevents the growth of bacteria, which makes that there is no odor.

Super Deo Reutter deodorant stick recommended for daily use in order to maintain hygiene underarms and feet, especially to women and men with a tendency to excessive sweating. Suitable for all skin types.

Additional information:
Contains no dyes, preservatives and alcohol. Product dermatologically tested, recommended for allergy sufferers.

On the cleaned areas of skin prone to sweating, apply the product. Stick gently moisten, spread on the skin. The product rinse, wipe.