Super Plast patch x 50 pieces, treatment of neuralgia, muscle pain and radiculitis


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Medical device Plaster Super Plast is a plaster with ginger extract with a warming effect. Recommended for active people to relax tense muscles, as well as to support the treatment of neuralgia, muscle pain and radiculitis.

Composition of the Super Plast Plaster treatment of neuralgia, muscle pain and radiculitis:

Natural rubber, glycerol rosin, zinc oxide, lanolin, natural ginger extract, Wintergreen oil (methyl salicylate), resin terpenes, olive oil, BHT.

Operation of the Super Plast plaster treatment of neuralgia, muscle pain and radiculitis:

Medical device Super Plast Plaster is a perforated plaster with ginger extract. This product has a warming effect and supports the muscle structures. Local heating of the body provides relief in the event of discomfort after physical activity, it has a relaxing effect on the muscles. The Super Plast patch also works as a support in the treatment of, among others, radiculitis, muscle and rheumatic pains. You can use, among others on the shoulders, neck, cross. Operation time: up to 12 hours.

A medical device, Super Plast Plaster, intended for topical use in the case of muscle tension and pain after physical activity and as an adjunct in the treatment of radiculitis, muscle pain, neuralgia, lumbago, rheumatism, and colds. Size: 10cm x 15cm.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children, at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. If skin irritation occurs, wash the skin with plenty of clean water and discontinue use of the product.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product. Do not use in children under 12 years of age. Do not use in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not use on sensitive, irritated, damaged skin.

How to use treatment of neuralgia, muscle pain and radiculitis the Super Plast patch:

For external use only. Apply the patch on clean and dry skin. Remove the protective layer from the patch, put the patch on the skin in the selected place. Reddening of the skin may occur after application which is a normal reaction and usually disappears within 48 hours. Patch duration: usually up to 12 hours.