Sutricon Kids silicone patches for scars


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Sutricon Kids silicone patches for scars 3 x 7cm x 5pcs

  • Sutricon Kids silicone patches for scars. Scars after cuts, burns or operations are often hidden. Silicone Sutricon Kids scars are a way to significantly reduce the visibility of old scars or prevent new ones!


Sutricon Kids silicone patches for scars Composition:

silicone gel 200g / sqm, elastic polyurethane mesh with a thickness of only 50μm.

Sutricon Kids silicone skin scars are patches with the effect of a tattoo with animals that reduce the visibility of mature and fresh scars, and also promote the normal scarring process. The silicone gel contained in the patches is characterized by skin-like elasticity, oxygen permeability and the ability to inhibit moisture loss. These properties make the pain, itching, and pulling sensation associated with wound healing significantly reduced. The patches are easy to use, transparent and ultra thin (0.25 mm), making them discreet. They are also characterized by elasticity, thanks to which they adhere well to the body and high adhesion, which guarantees that the patches can be applied multiple times to perfectly stick them. In addition, they can be used in people with sensitive skin and allergies. The advantage of the slices in addition to their effectiveness is that they can be cut so that they get the perfect size patch. The package contains 5 patches measuring 3cm x 7cm.

Sutricon Kids silicone scars recommended for use to reduce the visibility of post-burn scars, post-operative, remaining after fractures, contusions, cuts and deep cuts (post-traumatic) both fresh and mature, and to prevent abnormal scarring. Intended for children from 6 months of age.

Additional information:
Slices are recommended by the International Team of Experts on Scar Treatment. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the gel.


Directions for use Sutricon Kids silicone patches for scars:

Use immediately after removing the seams or closing the wound or on mature scars. Wash and dry the skin, cut a suitable size slice of plaster (keeping a margin of 5mm on each side) and stick on the change. Change every 3-5 days, the best results are obtained when replacing the patch every 24 hours. Take off the patch once a day, wash the scar with neutral soap and dry it. Do not wash the plasters or wrap them with an additional dressing. In the case of fresh scars and cut wounds use 1-2 months, if necessary up to 6 months. In the case of mature scars, the therapy can last from one year to even 9 years.