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SWANSON Artichoke 250mg x 60 capsules

Swanson Health Products

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  • SWANSON Artichoke beneficial effect on the liver. It promotes digestive processes and exhibits diastolic and cleansing. It stimulates the production of bile and regulates the level of cholesterol in the body.

1 capsule. Contains 250 mg of artichoke extract (flower) (standardized to 2.5-5% of caffeoylquinic), gelatin (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose (filler), magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent)

The product has a natural composition. It belongs to the broad category of dietary supplements. It contains extract of artichoke, which is known for its action to support the work and functions of the liver. It protects it from damage and improves digestion. Additionally, it exhibits antispasmodic and purifying. It stimulates the production of bile and affect its flow easier in the bile ducts. Supports detoxification and removal of harmful products of metabolism. Moreover normalized levels of fats and cholesterol.

- Hypersensitivity to ingredients
- Pregnancy
- Breast-feeding

It is recommended to use the product within the framework of supporting the functioning of the liver. Also recommended to improve the digestive process.

For oral use. It is recommended to use 1-3 kaps./24h.