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SWANSON Beet Root + NO x 60 capsules

Swanson Health Products

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  • Lozenges Beet Root NO + with a pleasant taste of cherry is a way to increase blood amounts of nitric oxide, which significantly improves the circulation. Better circulation means higher oxygen transport in the body, and this results in an increase of energy.

The active substances in one tablet: AAKG (alpha-ketoglutarate L-arginine) - 125mg, L-citrulline - 125mg, Carno-Syn® Beta Alanine - 100mg, HiActives® powdered root beet (Beta vulgaris) - 100mg.Excipients: mannitol, xylitol, steviol glycosides (sweeteners);microcrystalline cellulose (filler); croscarmellose sodium, cellulose gum, methylcellulose, starch and povidone (stabilizers); citric acid (preservative); natural flavor (cherry and vanilla), hydroxypropyl cellulose (emulsifier), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent).

Dietary supplement containing a unique formula, which aims at increasing the content of nitric oxide in the blood. NO, or nitric oxide, a substance produced in the body, whose mission is to optimize energy and increase endurance. These beneficial effects are a result of normal blood circulation, which results in better and faster oxygenation cells. The preparation Beet Root NO + comprises a set of nitric oxide precursors and substances supplementing their action.The main component of the beet root powder containing a large amount of nitrate, which in the body are converted into nitric oxide. In addition, the composition is alpha-ketoglutarate, L-arginine, an amino acid essential component constituting the endogenous production of nitric oxide in the body. L-citrulline is an amino acid acting as a precursor of L-arginine, which seals the blood vessels, and this improves the circulation. Additionally, citrulline is involved in the urea cycle, the correct course allows you to eliminate from the body by-products of amino acid metabolism. The formula for this product is based on the synergistic action of all the ingredients would benefit complements and enhances the beta-alanine.

Dietary supplement Beet Root NO + is recommended as an adjunct to the cardiovascular system.

Additional information:
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

The product is not suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is recommended to use 1-2 tablets a day. Do not exceed the recommended dose.