SWANSON Coconut water concentrate - concentrate coconut water 237ml

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  • Swanson concentrate coconut water enriched with vitamin C, is a natural, unpreserved beverage that well satisfies thirst and hydrates the body much more effectively than the complex preparations and drinks for athletes.

Concentrated coconut water, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)
Nutritional value w1 tablespoon (15ml):
Calories 45kcla / 190kJ
Carbohydrates 11g total
sugar 6g
Potassium 520mg
Sodium 120mg

Coconut water concentrate - concentrate coconut water is a natural, highly concentrated, free of allergens and preservatives liquid, which perfectly satisfies thirst and gives the body optimal hydration. In addition, drinking coconut water, provides the body with vitamins, minerals and microelements valuable for the proper functioning of the body. Coconut water, is particularly suitable for physically active people, athletes and people with diets and weight-loss workout.

coconut water hydrates the body and perfectly satisfies thirst. Recommended for physically active people and slimming diets.

Mix 1 teaspoon of table concentrate with coconut water (15ml) with 250 ml of water. The product contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mother