SWANSON D-mannose powder 50g

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  • SWANSON D-mannose powder, effectively regulates and amplifies the work of the bladder. Swanson D-mannose is especially recommended for people suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections and is recommended for both women and men.

UT-PRO ™ D-mannose 2.5g Action: SWANSON D-mannose powder, a product especially recommended for people suffering from recurrent and bothersome urinary tract infections. Swanson D-Mannose powder is a natural and safe supplement for both women and men, which is great, and non-invasive to the body adjusts and enhances the health of the bladder. D-mannose have the bonding properties of pathogenic bacteria in a biochemical reaction, whereby they are either lost from the body during urination.

One scoop mixed with water or your favorite beverage (not acid) once daily.