SWANSON Ecklonia cava extract 30 x 53mg capsules

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  • Swanson Ecklonia cava extract is derived from the rare marine algae that contains ingredients that are potent antioxidants that affect youth behavior of the human body and health: heart, brain, joints, eyes.

Ecklonia cava, cellulose (capsule) mikorkrystaliczna cellulose (filler), magnesium stearate and / or silica (anti-caking)

The nutritional value of w1 capsule:
Ecklonia cava extract 25: 1 (98.8% pure Ecklonia cava) (stem and leaves) [standardization to 15% (7,95mg) polyphenols and florotanin] 53mg

Swanson Ecklonia cava extract, algae extract, Ecklonia Cava batter is extremely valuable for the human body antioxidant, which protects the living cells of the body from degradation and thus affects the health of man power and youth. Many studies have shown the power of charity Ecklonia cava prevention: cardiovascular disease, hypertension, brain fitness, concentration and maintain good health and efficiency of the visual apparatus. Supplementing the body Ecklonia cava, is also important for mental health and has an anti-depressant.

1 capsule per day