SWANSON Flaxseed oil (flaxseed oil) 1000 mg x 100 capsules

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  • SWANSON Flaxseed oil (linseed oil) is a natural preparation, which protects against heart disease. Strengthens the immune system, it helps the organ of vision and has antioxidant properties.

1 capsule. Contains linseed oil (fatty acid profile) • Omega 3 - ALA (alpha linolenic acid) (400-600) (800-1200) (1200-1800) mg • Omega 6 - linoleic acid (120- 180) (240-360) (360-540) mg • Omega 9 - oleic acid (120-180) (240-360) (360-540 ) mg

Dietary supplement has a unique composition. It is a rich source of valuable unsaturated fatty acids, which improve the functioning of the body. First of all, they normalize the levels of bad cholesterol and blood pressure, assisting the cardiovascular system. In addition, preparation stimulates the body's natural defenses by increasing the body's resistance. Positive effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails. Exhibits antioxidant properties, neutralizing the action of free radicals.

It is recommended to use the product to support the cardiovascular system.

should be administered orally at a dose of 1 capsule. X2-3 / 24h.