SWANSON Gotu Kola 100mg x 120 capsules

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  • SWANSON gotu kola is a dietary supplement that supports the function of the cardiovascular system, and supports the work of brain cells (eg. Improving memory and concentration).

1 capsule contains 100 mg Gotu Col extract (10% azjatykozydu), 370 mg Gotu Kol, gelatin (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose (filler), magnesium stearate and / or silica (anti-caking).

Dietary supplement has a unique composition and is intended for oral administration in a capsule form. It comprises a vegetable extract, which preferably affects the processes of memory and thinking. Increases sexual performance, relieves headache pain. It calms and enhances the body's adaptive capabilities. Preferably it affects the activity of the circulatory system - regulates the pressure, and exhibits properties decongestants improves the functioning capillaries.

- Pregnancy
- Breast-feeding

It is recommended that the formulation in order to assist the action of cardiovascular system and the nervous system. Also indicated the vascular skin.

should be administered orally at a dose of 1 capsule. X 1/24 at the time of the meal.