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SWANSON Health Colostrum GI x 90 capsules

Swanson Health Products

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  • Colostrum Swanson The unique patented formulation containing complexes comprising, inter alia, colostrum, fiber and probiotics. Dietary Supplement Health GI Swanson Colostrum provides excellent support for the immune system and digestive tract.

ColostruMune®, Fibresol®-2 NutraFlora®, Bioferrin®, Lactospore®, the shell of the capsule: gelatin, bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.

Content of components in recommended daily dose (one capsule) ColostruMune® Colostrum (milk form) (bovine) [delivers 25% IgG (62,5mg) and 1% lactoferrin (2.5 mg)] - 250mg, Fibersol® 2-soluble fiber (from maize starch) - 250mg, short-chain fructo NutraFlora® [deliver> 95% fructo-oligosaccharide (59,4mg)] - 62,5mg, Bioferrin® lactoferrin (bovine milk whey) Lactospore® Lactobacillus sporogenes (on active spores 125 million CFU) - 8,3mg.

The composition of the ingredients, which are considered important for the proper functioning of the digestive system, and above all, which are a huge support for the proper functioning of the immune system. The composition of the food supplement Swanson Colostrum GI Health among bovine colostrum (immunoglibulin 25%) soluble fiber derived from corn starch (Fibrosol®), short-chain fructooligosaccharides (NutraFlora®) and Bioferrin® Lactospore® and Lactobacillus sporogenes.

Dietary supplement Colostrum GI Swanson Health for use as a support for the body, especially in strengthening the immune system.

Additional information:
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Bioferrin® - registered trademark by Glanbia Nutritionals; Fibersol®-2 - registered trademark by Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd; Lactospore® - registered trademark by Sabinsa Corporation; NutraFlora® -sign reserved by GTC Nutrition Company.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation. Not for use in women during pregnancy and in lactating women.

The recommended daily dose: one capsule. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.