SWANSON of Glucosamine Chondroitin x 90 Capsules

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  • SWANSON Glucosamine with Chondroitin greatly increases the flexibility and mobility of the joint structures. Beneficial effect on their condition, and helps to clear the reconstruction of articular cartilage.

1 capsule contains: 500 mg TruFlex Glucosamine (sulfate) 400 mg Chondroitin TruFlex (sodium), gelatin (capsule), magnesium stearate (anticaking agent).

Preparation of an optimal combination of two known substances that work together to contribute to a better condition of joints and cartilage. One of these components is glucosamine, which is an organic compound of natural origin. Responsible for supporting the process of rebuilding cartilage structures. Soothing the pain and improves joints. The second substance is chondroitin, which is one of the basic components of articular cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate contributes to the reconstruction of cartilage tissue. In addition affects the mobility and the strength of the joints. The formulation also helps to strengthen immunity.

- hypersensitivity Components formulation
- pregnancy and lactation

It is recommended to use the product in adults in order to increase the mobility and flexibility of joints. Indicated as a reinforcing agent system articular cartilage in the prophylaxis and treatment of diseases of the joint.

For oral use. It is recommended that the preparation at a dose of 1 kaps./24h.