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SWANSON SelenoExcell Selenium 200mcg x 60 capsules, heart function and prostate

Swanson Health Products

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  • SWANSON SelenoExcell Selenium is a dietary supplement, which is characterized by antioxidant properties. It prevents aging of cells in the body, supports heart function and prostate.

1 capsule. Includes: SeleonoExcell Selenium (yeast enriched with selenium - 1200μg / gram) 200μg

The preparation for oral use, beneficial effect on the functioning of the body. It consists of yeast enriched with selenium. This component is known for its strong antioxidant properties. It protects against free radicals and premature aging of the cells of the body. It works prozdrowotnie and nutritionally. Positively affects the functioning of the heart and the prostate.

- Pregnancy
- Breast-feeding

Use to advance the functioning of the body, especially the heart and the prostate. Indicated to protect against free radicals.

Take orally at a dose of 1 capsule. X 1/24.