SWANSON Super DHA 500 mg capsules x 30

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  • Super Swanson at a dose of 500mg of DHA in each capsule is a proposal for all those who care about a strong and healthy heart, brain fit and healthy eyes. Swanson Super DHA contains a patented formula of the Norwegian oil from the squid.


Nutritional value 1 gelatin capsule % Implementation of the daily
requirement of RDA


total fat


15kcal / 63kJ






Calamarine® oil from offshore squid

Fatty acids Omega 3 (ethyl ester)



- Other Omega-3

1,22 g






Oil of marine squid, glycerine (humectant) and purified (deionized) water, natural lemon flavor, a mixture of antioxidants [natural tocopherols (soybean) extract, romarynu 6-palmitate, L-ascorbyl]

Swanson EFAs Super DHA 500 is a dietary supplement that has been created on the basis of patented formulation comprising Norwegian squid oil. Swanson EFAs Super DHA is a large dose valuable for the body of which is regarded as undoubtedly the most important fatty acid omega-3. Enriching the diet with DHA acid are supporting the proper functioning of the heart, you care about the health of the brain and eye health.

Swanson Super DHA is a dietary supplement for adults who wish to support heart health, brain and visual apparatus.

One capsule per day