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SWEATSTOP Aloe Vera Forte Roll-on

Functional Cosmetics Company AG

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SWEATSTOP Aloe Vera Forte Roll-on

Pack size:50ml​ Dosage form:pencils

SweatStop ® Antiperspirant Aloe Vera Forte plus RollOn for the armpit area
Against excessive sweating and odor formation in the armpits or on the body. Provides security for 48-72 hours. With skin-care additives.

  With SweatStop ® Aloe Vera Forte plus against excessive sweating and odor in the armpits, you will feel safe for 48-72 hours. Aloe vera, dexpanthenol (provitamin B5) and other selected additives in the right composition ensure a mild and nourishing application. For him and her For use under the armpits The benefits at a glance Against sweat and odor formation Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility; Institute Dermatest rating “very good” Optimum price/performance ratio (¤10.14/30ml!!!) Contents are sufficient for several months of use Offers safety for 48-72 hours Odorless 30 day money-back guarantee Info: RollOn's have the Advantage of comfortable application under the armpits. However, the advantages of the sprays outweigh them for the following reasons: Spraying does not cause any contact with the skin. This means that no bacteria are absorbed into the container. Sprays have a higher water content, which means the skin can absorb the aluminum salts better. The sprays are therefore more effective. Sprays are not limited to the armpits, but can be used on all areas of the skin. The large 100ml bottles result in a price advantage.  

Instructions for use In order to combat sweat and odor formation, SweatStop ® antiperspirants must be applied to clean and absolutely dry skin immediately before going to bed. So that the solution can absorb freely and the salts can close the pores, you must ensure that you no longer sweat after application. The application should be repeated every 2-3 days. In the morning you can follow your usual washing routine and, if you wish, apply a deodorant or a skin-care cream. The effect develops after 1-3 applications, in rare cases several applications are required. Before going to bed, clean and dry the affected area of ​​skin. Roll once in a targeted manner. Allow to dry completely before dressing so that no stains occur. Download instructions for use as a PDF. How it works. Attention! For all SweatStop ®Antiperspirant applies: After application, avoid what could promote perspiration during the following hours. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and irritated or injured skin. Do not shave the corresponding skin area at least 48 hours before and 12 hours after application. Apply immediately before going to bed and allow to dry well to avoid stains on clothing. Keep out of reach of children.

SWEATSTOP Aloe Vera Forte Roll-on