SWEDEN BITTER, Swedish Bitters, St.Severin solution

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SWEDEN BITTER, Swedish Bitters, St Severin Solution

pack size:500ml Dosage form:solution

Digestion is a complicated process involving not only the gastrointestinal tract but also, and above all, the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.
Eating irregularly, poor diet, stress, anxiety and a sedentary lifestyle are the root causes of many common digestive disorders.
A high-quality, fresh and low-fat diet with lots of roughage and raw vegetables, as well as eating in a relaxed atmosphere and regular exercise get your digestion going.

Pater Severin's Swedish bitters Swedish bitters have proven to be an excellent home remedy for centuries, especially for indigestion.
With regard to its composition, the Swedish bitter has a stimulating effect on the secretion of digestive juices and the activity of the stomach and intestines.
Overall, it helps to improve and support digestion.

Pater Severin's Swedish Bitters are made from over 20 different selected and coordinated herbs that relieve light and unpleasant discomfort after eating.
In particular, it provides a remedy for stress caused by heavy, fatty or spicy food and too large quantities in too short a time.
Pater Severin's Swedish Bitters provide relief and contribute to general well-being. It is both appetizing and digestive.

Consumption SWEDEN BITTER, Swedish Bitters recommendation:
A teaspoonful is usually taken in the morning. However, a teaspoonful can also be taken up to 2 or 3 times a day. In the event of a feeling of fullness, nausea or after a heavy meal, one teaspoonful or one teaspoonful is taken undiluted or diluted in tea or water, depending on tolerability.

SWEDEN BITTER, Swedish Bitters Notes: Contains alcohol