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Sweetener CLIO x 1200 tablets, sugar alternatives

Instattina Ges.

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Sweetener CLIO x 1200 tablets, sugar alternatives

  • SWEETENER CLIO is a preparation that replaces sugar, sugar alternatives, but does not increase the level of carbohydrates and calories. As a result, Sweetener CLIO is an excellent sugar alternative for people who can not or should not consume it.

Composition Sweetener CLIO:
Sweeteners: sodium cyclamate - E 952, sodium saccharin - E 954, Bulking agent: sodium bicarbonate - E 500 ii, acidity regulator: sodium citrate - E 331,

Sweetener CLIO Action: The Sweetener CLIO works well as a sugar substitute, gives the beverages or dishes a sweet taste, while not increasing their calorie content and without causing an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. It works well with diabetics and slimming people. It does not cause tooth decay and does not change the taste.

Indications Sweetener CLIO:
The product is intended for use by diabetics or people caring for the figure.

Sweetener CLIO Dosage:
Take if necessary, adding to the food or drink. For baking, cooking and sweetening. 1 tabl corresponds to 6g of sugar.

Sweetener CLIO x 1200 tablets, sugar alternatives