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SYLIMAROL 35mg x 60 dragees

Herbapol Poznan

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  • SYLIMAROL is acting preparation based on an extract of milk thistle which has detoxifying properties. It protects liver cells and helps it to function properly.

Concentrate sylimarynowy seed of milk thistle 35 mg.

The product has a natural ingredient - an extract from milk thistle, a source of concentrated sylimarynowego acting cholagogue. It protects hepatocytes from harmful external factors and accelerates regeneration. It helps to maintain the detoxification function of the liver and supports its correct operation.

- allergic to the ingredients
- pregnancy
- lactation
- younger than 12 years

applying during recovery from liver damage (e.g., induced. Alcohol, plant protection agents etc.). Ciężkostrawnym indicated even after the meal and with hepatic disorders and inflammation.

It is recommended that the oral preparation in adults and adolescents over 12 years of age at a dose of 2 x dragees 3/24 hours after a meal.