SYMBIO DERMAL Emulsion, psoriasis, neurodermatitis

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SYMBIO ® DERMAL psoriasis, neurodermatitis

pack size:75ml Dosage form:emulsion

SYMBIO ® DERMAL - for particularly sensitive, dry skin
If you suffer from dry skin, psoriasis or neurodermatitis, you should fight the causes. With a highly effective special care that keeps your skin healthy, what distinguishes SYMBIO ® DERMAL from skin care creams is the unique microbiological lysate complex.

An intact skin - indispensable for our health
Our skin protects us from environmental influences, harmful substances and microorganisms, stores nutrients and water; is important for the metabolism - and last but not least our largest sensory organ.

Widely used: dry and scaly skin
Lifestyle habits, cold or heat, irritants and improper care promote skin changes. The cause often lies in diseases such as neurodermatitis or diabetes.

The long-term consequences of dry and scaly skin
When the skin loses too much fluid, which is normally retained by the oily film, it loses its barrier function. Immune cells respond more strongly to environmental stimuli. The result: chronically dry skin and neurodermatitis. Harmful substances penetrate the lower layers of the skin, eczema and inflammation can form.

This is how the skin barrier is sustainably regenerated.

SYMBIO ® DERMAL - uniquely microbiologically effective
The microbiologically effective lysate complex from SYMBIO ®DERMAL contains inactive, immune-modulating bacteria as well as important nutrients and metabolites of these bacteria. This combination replenishes and strengthens the skin barrier. SYMBIO ® DERMAL not only smoothes, but also combats the causes and consequences of dry skin directly in the immune system under the skin.

Ideal for very sensitive and stressed skin

  • light water-in-oil emulsion
  • with almond oil, avocado oil and evening primrose oil
  • makes stressed skin supple and elastic
  • moves in quickly
  • quickly provides noticeable moisture
  • no greasy film on the skin
  • has a slightly cooling effect

Application Apply a thin
layer of SYMBIO ® DERMAL to the skin several times a day and gently massage in the cream.