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SYMBIOFEM tampons, Protect bath and protective tampon

SymbioPharm GmbH

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Tampons SymbioFem® protect, tampons - the protective tampon - Protect bath - protective tampon, tampons

Pack size:8 pcs Dosage form:tampon

soaked with pure Vaseline oil
- reduces the penetration of dirty water
- lowers the risk of infection

Anyone who swims laps in the swimming pool or spends a day at the lake wants to relax and do something for their health - and not themselves contract infections. The patented bathing and protective tampon SymbioFem® protect prevents: it reduces the penetration of chlorinated or dirty water into the vagina.

SymbioFem® protect is a tampon (tampons) soaked in pure vaseline oil that works like a barrier layer. The barrier reduces water ingress during bathing, maintaining the natural acid protection of the vaginal mucosa. Undesirable bacteria and fungi can multiply much more poorly.

The size of SymbioFem® protect (tampons) bathing and protective tampons corresponds to that of conventional tampons of the "normal" size. You can also use the bathing and protective tampons on the days when menstruation is coming to an end. SymbioFem® protect is suitable for healthy pregnant women with an unremarkable course of pregnancy.

SymbioFem® protect (tampons) bathing and protective tampons were specially developed for women who value hygiene when bathing and swimming.

tampons SymbioFem® protect - the clever protection when bathing and swimming.