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SYMBIOPET supplementary feed powder for small animals 100 g cat, dog probiotics

SymbioPharm GmbH

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Symbiopet Vet. Powder, cat, dog probiotics

Probiotic supplementary feed, cat, dog probiotics for small animals:
Symbio pet contains a valuable mixture of different probiotic cultures that support digestion and stabilize the immune system.
Symbio pet is the ideal supplementary feed, also for animals suffering from allergies.
Symbio pet stabilizes the intestinal environment and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal epithelium, cat, dog probiotics.
An intact intestinal epithelium is an effective barrier against supposedly dangerous germs, which of course are ingested daily with the feed.
The bacteria contained in Symbio pet prevent these germs, which occur particularly frequently after an antibiotic treatment, from multiplying and changing the natural intestinal flora.

Cat, Dog probiotics