SYMBIOVAG lactate vaginal, vagina ph suppositories

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SYMBIOVAG lactate vaginal, vagina ph, ph balance for vagina suppositories

pack size:10 pcs Dosage form:vaginal suppositories

To establish and maintain the physiological pH of the vagina.

active vagina ph ingredients

  • 148 mg tartaric acid
  • 66 mg calcium dilactate

vagina ph excipients

  • inulin
  • hard fat

Symbiovag® lactate vaginal suppositories

This vaginal suppository contains, among other things, lactic acid to create and maintain the physiological pH of the vagina.

SymbioVag® Lactate

  • to support the lactic acid-forming bacteria in maintaining the physiological pH value
  • Effective buffer system through a combination of calcium lactate pentahydrate and tartaric acid

An acidic vaginal environment is an effective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms.

What is it used for?
To create and maintain a physiological pH value in the vagina.

This is the prerequisite for maintaining or restoring a physiological vaginal flora.

Various influences such as taking medication (antibiotics or chemotherapeutics), inflammatory diseases of the vagina or pregnancy can lead to a weakening or destruction of the natural protective flora.

What is inside?
The SymbioVag® lactate vaginal suppository contains tartaric acid, calcium lactate pentahydrate (equivalent to 39 mg lactic acid), inulin and hard fat

How do I use it?
Unless otherwise prescribed, insert the SymbioVag® lactate vaginal suppository deep into the vagina in the evening before going to bed.