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SYNERGON COMPLEX 14 Platinum drops

Kattwiga Arzneimittel GmbH

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SYNERGON COMPLEX 14 Platinum drops

Pack size:50mlDosage form:drops

sodium tetrachloroauratum homeopathic medicine uses:

Sodium tetrachloroaurate might reduce inflammation (swelling). It might also kill cancer cells. Sodium tetrachloroaurate might reduce inflammation (swelling).

What is the homeopathic Cocculus used for?

Homeopathic Cocculus indicus relieves nausea from motion sickness or other causes that is improved by lying down. * It's especially useful when symptoms like nausea, tiredness, dizziness, and weakness are triggered by jet lag or working night shifts.

Asa foetida homeopathic medicine uses:

Asafoetida is used for breathing problems including ongoing (chronic) bronchitis, H1N1 "swine" flu, and asthma. It is also used for digestion problems including intestinal gas, upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and irritable colon.

Hyoscyamus niger homeopathic medicine uses:
For temporary relief of muscular and nervous twitches. Helps increase alertness and creativity. May also be used for standard homeopathic indications or as directed by your physician.

Homeopathic medicine.

Active ingredients

  • 10 mg sodium tetrachloroauratum D4
  • 100 mg Anamirta cocculus D3
  • 100 mg Asa foetida D4
  • 100 mg Hyoscyamus niger D4
  • 10 mg Strychnos ignatii D12
  • 100 mg Hypericum perforatum D4
  • 10 mg Pulsatilla pratensis D12
  • 330 mg Passiflora incarnata D2
  • 100 mg Oenanthe crocata D3
  • 10 mg Sepia officinalis D8
  • 100 mg Banisteria caapi D6
  • 10 mg Zincum isovalerianicum D6
  • 10 mg Graphites D12
  • 10 mg Platinum metallicum D10


  • Ethanol

Synergon 14 Platinum drops

Application areas:

  • Registered homeopathic medicine, therefore without specifying a therapeutic indication.


Active ingredients: Passiflora incarnata, Hyoscyamus niger, Hypericum perforatum, Asa foetida, Oenanthe crocata, Anamirta cocculus, Natrum tetrachloroauratum, Graphites, Pulsatilla pratensis, Strychnos ignatii, Platinum metallicum, Sepia officinalis, Banisteria caapi

A notice:

  • Contains 64% alcohol by volume

Net filling quantity:
50 ml

Manufacturer data:
Kattwiga Arzneimittel GmbH
Zur Grenz 30
48529 Nordhorn