SYRUP thyme 125g COMPLEX, thyme cough syrup 6+ years old

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  • SYRUP thyme COMPLEX is a complex preparation, which has an expectorant. As a result, it helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases and alleviation of cough.

100 g of syrup contains: Active substances: Thymi extractum fluidum (thyme extract liquid) 15.00 g Thymolum (Thymol), 0.01 g; Excipients: ammonium hydroxide, ethanol, ordinary syrup (sucrose and purified water).

The syrup has a complex composition. Among the active substances is a liquid extract of thyme and thymol, which favorably affect the functioning of the body, particularly the respiratory system.Responsible for the expectorant action, thus facilitating expectoration of bronchial secretions. Contraindications: - Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation - asthma - inflammation of the larynx or trachea in children - alcoholism - liver disease - epilepsy - age less than 6 years of age - pregnancy - breast feedingIndications : It is recommended to use the product in case of cough, which is one of the symptoms of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Dosage: for oral use. For adults and adolescents use 2 teaspoons of syrup x 3/24. Children aged 6-12 years give 1 teaspoon of preparation x 3/24.