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SYSTANE LID-CARE eye cleaning single pads 30 pc

Alcon Germany GmbH

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SYSTANE LID-CARE eye cleaning single pads

Don't let yourself be held up - with Systane ® LID-CARE ®

SYSTANE Gentle cleaning of the eyelids

The low - irritation formula of the Systane ® LID-CARE ® eye cleaning pads
ensures that
encrustations and make-up residues are removed gently and quickly, even from sensitive eyes.
SYSTANE Hypoallergenic pads

Systane ® LID-CARE ® eye cleaning pads are hypoallergenic, gentle and soothe the skin. They can reduce irritation to the eyelids.
SYSTANE Comfortable to use

Systane ® LID-CARE ® eye cleaning pads, already pre-moistened, sterile and individually packaged, ensure easy and comfortable use, ideal for when you are out and about.

SYSTANE Pre-moistened wipes for eyelid cleaning

• Supplementary care for dry eyes
• For the gentle removal of eye make-up and incrustations
• Hypoallergenic
• Simplified application thanks to pre-moistened pads
• Sterile individual packaging - ideal for on the go

SYSTANE For daily eyelid hygiene

Systane ® LID- CARE ®Eye cleaning pads are recommended as supplementary daily eyelid care for dry eyes. They are ideal for everyone who wants to benefit from gentle and thorough eyelid hygiene. Eye make-up and incrustations are removed gently and quickly. The pre-moistened pads and the sterile individual packaging make it practical and easy to use - even on the go. In this way, eyelid hygiene can be easily and easily incorporated into daily routines. The eye pads are hypoallergenic, calming and particularly gentle on the eye and are therefore also suitable for sensitive, dry eyes. Systane ® LID-CARE ®Eye cleaning pads can be used mornings and evenings as needed. When using contact lenses, it is recommended to use them before and after wearing them.

Rub the unopened individual packaging between your fingers to create foam.
• Close your eyes and rub the pad gently over the eyelid several times.
• Repeat the process with a fresh pad on the other eye.
• Wash both eyes with clean, warm water and then pat dry.


Consistent eyelid margin hygiene, i.e. cleaning and care of the eyelid margins, can help prevent the various forms of eyelid inflammation and the symptoms of dry eyes. Lid margin hygiene includes, for example, thorough cleaning of the eyelid margins, the use of warm compresses and a massage of the eyelids. Systane ® LID-CARE ® eye cleaning pads are ideal for daily cleaning of the eyelid rims . Thanks to the hypoallergenic formulation, it can also be used on sensitive eyes with a tendency to allergies.


A dysfunction of the eyelid margin glands can lead to reddened and irritated eyelids. The eyelids often stick together and crust in the morning, and the eyes feel “tired”. Bacteria can settle under the incrustations at the base of the eyelashes and promote inflammation of the edge of the eyelid. Systane ® LID-CARE ® eye cleaning pads are suitable for daily thorough cleaning of the eyelid rims and the removal of incrustations . They are particularly gentle and can be used mornings and evenings as needed.


The tear film consists of two layers: the outermost layer of the tear film, the lipid layer (fat layer), is considered to be the stabilizer of the tear film. The watery mucinous layer moisturizes, nourishes and protects the surface against pathogens, among other things. The so-called meibomian glands on the edge of the eyelid are responsible for the production of fats in the lipid layer. They give off an oily liquid that mixes with the tear fluid given off by the tear glands and ensures that the latter does not evaporate too quickly.


Where can I buy Systane ® products?
You can find our Systane ®-Products in the stationary pharmacy you trust and at mail-order pharmacies. If the product you are looking for is not in the range, you can ask your pharmacist to order it for you.

Do the Systane ® products have to be stored in the refrigerator?
No. All Systane ® products can be stored at room temperature.

How is the expiry date to be understood on my product? We use the international date format, i.e. H. first comes the year, then the month. That means: If your product says 2020 01, it can be used until the end of January 2020.