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  • TABLET AGAINST DISABILITY is a preparation that stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and bile. It has antispasmodic and carminative properties and has a beneficial effect on the state of hepatocytes, supporting their regeneration.

dandelion root (Taraxaci officinalis radix) - 100 mg, caraway fruit(Carvi fructus) - 50 mg, peppermint leaf (Menthae piperitae folium) - 60 mg, buckthorn bark (Frangulae cortex) - 60 mg, purified and standardized extract from milk thistle fruits containing 58% ± 10% silymarin calculated as silibinin (extractant: acetone 95%) (Silybi mariani extractum siccum raffinatum et normatum) - 7 mg
Excipients: potato starch, colloidal anhydrous silica.
1 tablet contains: 3.8 mg anthranoid compounds calculated as glucofrangulin A.

The product works well during alleviating ailments related to digestive disorders. It is characterized by a complex, natural composition. Thanks to the dandelion root, it helps to stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and bile. Milk thistle fruit extract is a source of flavone derivatives with antioxidant properties, i.e. silymarin. This substance is responsible for the liver's protective properties. It normalizes her work and supports hepatocyte renewal processes. Caraway fruit and mint leaf have antispasmodic and carminative properties.

- allergic to ingredients of the preparation
- obstruction of the intestines or bile ducts
- abdominal pain of unknown cause
- acute intestinal inflammation
- appendicitis.

The preparation should be used in the case of digestive disorders manifested by a feeling of fullness, flatulence, insufficient secretion of bile and digestive juice.

Use orally, after eating. For adults, 2-3 tablets should be used once, not more often than x 3/24. in the case of adolescents and people of advanced age, give 1-2 tablets once. up to x 3/24.