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Tablets Toning x 90 tablets, the power of the heart, heart health


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  • The power of the heart, heart health. Tablets Toning, a preparation containing natural raw materials: hawthorn inflorescence, hawthorn fruit, intestinal herb and sweet clover herb, which have a positive effect on cardiac and cardiac muscle performance - especially in people with senile age.

Composition: (1 plate):
hawthorn inflorescence 150mg, hawthorn fruit 30mg, celandine herb 100mg, sweet clover herb 40mg.

Toning tablets, a preparation indicated for use in the impairment of cardiac function and weakening of the myocardium in the elderly. The natural action of the drug, increases the blood flow in the coronary vessels and in the heart muscle, and gently increases the strength of myocardial contraction and the number of contractions. The product also has a mild anti-swelling effect.

2 tablets 2-3 times daily before eating.
Do not exceed the daily dose of 6 tablets, which corresponds to an amount of up to 3 mg coumarin a day. Do not use for a long period of time without consulting your doctor.