TACTISEPT liquid mouthwash 250ml, gingivitis treatment


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  • TACTISEPT a liquid mouthwash, which prevents periodontal disease and gingivitis, reduce plaque and prevents the formation of caries.

TACTISEPT liquid mouthwash Ingredients:
250 ml of 4.3% CO (NH2) 2.H2O2 (carbamide peroxide); 0.8% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)

TACTISEPT liquid mouthwash Action: Liquid mouthwash belongs to a broad group of preparation of complex composition. It is characterized by a unique formula, which is known for mitigation properties and regenerating for minor injuries and irritation of oral mucosa. It also helps cleansing the mouth with different types of secretions.

TACTISEPT liquid mouthwash Indications: The preparation should be used as part of oral hygiene and teeth. Used in the case of injuries or irritations of the oral mucosa and in the treatment of the oral cavity.

Dosage: Rinse mouth for about 60sekund x 4/24 hours after tooth brushing.