TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler Pink Kitty hairbrush

Tangle Teezer Ltd.

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  • TANGLE TEEZER tangle teezer brush. Animal pattern in pink colors - this version of the color will certainly appeal to confident girls who know what they want! And they want beautiful, perfectly combed, radiant hair.

Operation and application:
Simple, curly, prolonged, and maybe afro - each hair is different, but often combines it, it's hard to comb it out. Thankfully, the small, handy Tangle Teezer hairbrush puts an end to these problems! Its unique design - flexible teeth and their dense setting - lets you brush even the most tangled hair painlessly - no pulling, no tearing! The ergonomic shape and non-slip coating make the brush perfectly in the hand. Tangle Teezer has one more application - you can also do a scalp massage while brushing. This will greatly affect the flow of the head, and over time will bring benefits in the form of stronger and better nourished hair. Now, the TT brush can also be bought in the compact version, Compact Styler, in a size that suits every purse, perfect for any journey.

How to use:
Brush your hair as needed, both dry and wet.