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TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler Starlet hair brush, buy tangle teezer

Tangle Teezer Ltd.

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  • Buy tangle teezer. Tangle Teezer will surprise you with its effectiveness in combing tangled or matted hair. In addition, now in a reduced format and with a useful protective cap - Compact Styler fits in a purse and is ideal for travel.

Operation and application:
A hairbrush is a permanent equipment for your purse? Be sure to invest in a compact version of the standard Tangle Teezer. Compact Styler takes up less space but still retains all its benefits. It's great in the hand, so you can comb your hair comfortably and easily. Elastic, densely scattered teeth smooth down the hair, comb the tangled strands along the entire length, starting from the root itself. You do not have to worry that brushing your hair will be broken or worse. Tangle Teezer does not damage the hair structure! During detangling, you can also try a light massage of the scalp, which improves blood circulation of the scalp, resulting in stronger, better-fed hair. What do you gain with the TT brush? Less broken and torn hair, and more healthy gloss. impressive,

Directions for use:
Wet or dry - now it does not matter, Tangle Teezer copes in every situation.