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Tanno Hermal lotio

Almirall Hermal

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Tanno Hermal lotio 100g

  • TANNO HERMAL Lotion has a drying and antipruritic effect. It creates a protective film on the entire surface of the affected skin and blocks the penetration of bacteria and fungi into the wound. It soothes skin irritation.

Tanno Hermal lotio Composition:

100 g of the preparation contains: talc 19.5 g, zinc oxide 15.0 g, synthetic tannins 1.0 g. The other ingredients of the product are: purified water, 85% glycerol, tri [alkyl {C <16> -C <18> } poly (oxyethylene) -4] phosphate (Hostaphat KW 340 N), lecithin, colloidal silicon dioxide solution, isopropyl alcohol, methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, sodium carrageenan.

Tanno Hermal lotio Action:

The product Tanno Hermal lotio contains a synthetic tannins, which have astringent.Thanks effectively dries oozing post-infectious skin lesions. Tannin and solid components - talc and zinc oxide - derived absorb exudate from the wounds. Creates a protective barrier over the entire surface of the affected skin. As a result, preparation of wound closure and makes not become the medium for pathogenic microorganisms. It prevents infection proceedings and reduces itching and relieve the symptoms. Additionally, it accelerates the process of skin renewal.

- allergic to the ingredients of the product

Tanno Hermal lotio Indications:
Use only externally for exuding wounds, associated with the occurrence of infections, itchy, surface skin diseases. The product indicated mainly in skin folds (armpits, around the anus and reproductive organs, under the breasts, between her thighs, between the fingers and toes). Also be used as an aid in the case of diaper rash and excessive sweating.

How to use Tanno Hermal lotio :
Apply externally. Spread a small amount of lotion on the affected skin. This must be repeated several times a day for 7-14 days.