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Tanno-Hermal solution for baths and wraps 100g

Almirall Hermal

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Tanno-Hermal solution for baths and wraps 100g

  • Tanno-Hermal solution for baths and wraps the product improves skin condition. It works on a drying inflammatory changes and at the same time removes the medium constituting the ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi.

100 g of a solution containing 40 g of synthetic tannin (tannin), the remaining ingredients: water, sodium dodecylopoli (oxyethylene) -2-hydrogen sulfate, sodium sulfate, the flavor.


Tanno-Hermal solution for baths and wraps 100g Action:

Tanno-Hermal solution for baths and wraps is a medical device that its astringent synthetic fabric dries the skin, at the same time reinforcing the cutaneous barrier. Using the solution leads to dry oozing covered by inflammatory lesions of the skin. It is coated with protective jacket. Eliminates the environment which are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Responsible for blocking the further spread of infection of the skin. Exhibits soothing and anti.Tanno-Hermal solution for baths and wraps effectively protects and strengthens the skin barrier, supporting regeneration.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

Use the product in the skin care area difficult to reach, such as. Space intimate, anus, skin folds, the space between the fingers. The solution should be used as a means of protecting the skin underneath the diaper and a subsidiary in excessive sweating of hands, feet and body.


How to use Tanno-Hermal solution for baths and wraps 100g:

Apply externally, after dilution. Used for dilution ratios 1: 1 or 1: 5. The solution is soluble in warm water. Wraps should be done several times a day. Bathing in a dilute solution at the beginning should be the x 1/24, then after observing a clear improvement in use x 2-3 week.The bath should be about 10 - 15 minutes, and water should not exceed a temperature of 32 - 35 degrees Celsius.