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TANTUM VERDE x 20 tablets, redness throat, swelling throat, pain throat

Aziende Ch.Angelini

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  • TANTUM VERDE in the form of pellets with a refreshing mint flavor contains benzydamine hydrochloride analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The drug indicated for pain, redness, swelling of the throat and mouth caused by bacteria and viruses.

The active substance is benzydamine hydrochloride. One hard tablet contains 3 mg of benzydamine hydrochloride

The other ingredients are
isomalt, levomenthol, aspartame (E 951), citric acid monohydrate, the flavor composition is a mint flavor composition lemon, quinoline yellow (E 104), indigo carmine (E132).

The formulation for topical anti-inflammatory, analgesic, local anesthetic and antiseptic. Inhibits the formation of vascular lesions induced by activated, adjacent or moving leukocytes. A stabilizing effect on cell membranes. Inhibits the permeability of the capillaries, which is responsible for the effect antiedematous. Well penetrates the mucous membranes accumulating in inflamed tissues. In minimally absorbed into the systemic circulation. Indications: pain, redness and swelling in the course of viral and bacterial infections of the mouth and throat. Conditions after tooth extraction. In addition, aerosol and liquid can be used in mucositis after radiotherapy in the states after surgeries in ENT and dentistry, even after intubation. Pregnancy and lactation: Can be used. Dosage: Tablets: 1 tablet 3-4 times a day. Treatment should last no longer than 7 days.