TARTEPHEDREEL N drops 30ml Soothing Cough dry and wet


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  • HEEL- TARTEPHEDREEL N is one of homeopathic preparations used orally in the form of drops, which checks in the treatment of infections of the respiratory system. Soothing Cough dry and wet.

Atropa belladonna D4, D4 stibyltartaricum Kalium, Natrium sulfuricum D4, D6 jodatum Arsenum, Naphthalinum D6 anisum stellatum D3, D4 Lobelia inflata, ipecacuanha D4, D6 Blatta orientalis

homeopathic preparation used orally in the form of drops, which thanks to its unique composition operates in the alternative to the functioning of the body, and especially the respiratory system. It belongs to a category of drugs to support mitigation nagging cough, both dry and wet.

The product is intended for use with inflammation, bronchial asthma, inflammation of the larynx, pertussis, which extend from cough.

For oral use usually at a dose of 10 drops x 3/24, and acute at the beginning 10 drops every fifteen minutes for 2h.

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