TEA Cranberry Fix 2.5g x 20 sachets, cranberry supplements

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  • Cranberry supplements. TEA Cranberry Fix is ​​a unique product designed for use in the form of tea or a refreshing drink. Perfectly diversifies the daily diet and impresses with its scent and taste.

Hibiscus flowers, apple, raspberry, cranberry fruit (6%), flavor.

Tea Cranberry has a completely natural composition. It contains pieces of fruit, which are visible through the transparent pouch. With its unique taste and smell is a good variety to your daily diet.Quenches thirst and refreshes. Moreover, due to the fact that it comprises cranberry contributes to the functioning of the urinary system. It is a rich source of vitamin C. It meets the standards BRC and IFS.

Use as a replacement of traditional black tea and to refresh and diversify your daily diet.

How to use:
Apply orally. 1 sachet product pour boiling water and infuse a few minutes. Consume depending on your needs.