TEA TALIA BURNING fix 2g x 20 sachets, what is the best fat burner

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  • BURNING TEA TALIA is a unique composition of natural ingredients, which accelerates fat metabolism and regulates body weight.Reduces appetite and normalizes blood glucose levels.

Rose Hips - 20%, peel apples - 15.5%, pu-erh tea - 15%, green tea - 15%, lemongrass - 11%, chamomile flowers - 10%, the fruit of juniper - 10% extract of perilla - 1%, cinnamon - 1%, an extract of Garcinia cambogia - 1% choline bitartrate - 0.5%.

The tea has a natural, a unique composition. Included in the Garcinia cambogia fruit juniper and choline support compliant with metabolic processes lipids. Green tea supports the reduction and maintaining a reasonable body weight. It also contributes to the removal of water from the body (through the kidneys). Garcinia cambogia is conducive to regulating body weight, reduces appetite and desire to eat something sweet. Cinnamon, juniper fruit and green tea affect the regulation of blood sugar levels. Rose, peel the apples, lemon grass and cinnamon guarantee a unique flavor infusion.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

It is recommended to use tea to accelerate the process of fat burning and support the care of the figure.

To use:
Apply orally in the form of infusion prepared according to the following scheme: 1 sachet pour 1 cup boiling water, infuse about 15 minutes.Take x 1-3 / 24.