TEA TALIA MAX fix 2g x 20 sachets, best way to lose fat

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  • TEA TALIA MAX favors reducing excess fat. Clearly reduces appetite and reduces glucose levels and blood lipids. A diuretic.

Horsetail herb - 26%, herb dandelion - 25%, nettle leaf - 23%, anise fruit - 14% peppermint leaf - 11%, Garcinia cambogia - 1%.
The content of individual plant components in terms of the recommended intake of daily portion the product is as follows: horsetail herb - 2,60g, dandelion herb - 2,50g, nettle leaf - 2,30g, anise fruit - 1,40g, mint leaf - 1,10g, Garcinia cambogia - 0,10g.

TEA TALIA MAX is a unique natural dietary supplement. Its use contributes to the dream thinness. It is a complex of carefully selected herbal ingredients enriched with Garcinia cambogia.Garcinia cambogia helps to normalize body weight. It reduces appetite (also for sweets). Regulates glucose and fat in the blood.Horsetail herb and nettle exhibit diuretic and promote detoxification.Anise and mint support the functioning of the digestive system.Dandelion herb stimulates liver and supports proper operation of biliary tract. TEA DECK MAX is in the form of sachets for brewing a drink solution.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

It is recommended to use tea to aid the process of weight loss and normalization of glucose and fat in the blood.

How to use:
Apply orally. Use a brew made ​​of 1 sachet (brewed covered for 5-10 minutes) x 4/24. Take before you plan to eat a meal.