Tea tree oil 50ml


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  • Alva Tea Tree Oil is a top quality product. It has antiseptic properties and is indicated for prophylaxis of onychomycosis, acne lesions, and mouth rinses in inflammatory conditions.

Tea Tree Essential Oil 
Tea tree oil from ALVA is a very helpful product in many different problems. 
Respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, cough, pharyngitis - use as inhalation, as the oil kills Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. 
2. Feather Fever, excessive sweating of feet 
3. Acne Scars 4.Na 
insect bites and insect repellent. 
5.In gingivitis for mouth rinsing. 
6. Whale - as a supplement to shampoo. 
In the case of parodontosis and gum disease, apply 1 drop together with toothpaste. 
For skin contamination: add 3 drops of milk during washing.
In the case of acne, stinging, small cuts, foot ringworm: topically apply a cotton swab. 
In respiratory infections, with cold: mix 2-3 drops with warm water and rinse throat. You can also add 3-5 drops to the body lotion and rub back and breast.

For foot care: add 10-20 drops for 5-10 liters of warm water or soapy water.

Use undiluted formula carefully. 
Avoid contact with eyes. 
Keep in a dark and cool place! Keep away from children! 
Do not use in pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.