TEA WAIST SLIMMING fix 2g x 20 sachets, best fat burner for women

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  • WAIST SLIMMING TEA regulates blood sugar levels and reduces appetite. It stimulates fat metabolism and helps to remove excess fat and weight control.

Jerusalem artichoke - 27%, couch grass rhizome - 14%, root traveler - 14%, fruit blackcurrant - 13%, leaf holly (Yerba Mate) - 8%, peel apples - 7%, the fruit of elderberry - 5% mint leaf - 4% powder grapefruit - 4% leaf ortosyfonu - 3.5%, spirulina - 0.5%.

tea through a unique natural ingredients supports the process of weight reduction. It contains sunflower and holly, which act on metabolic lipids and assist weight management. Black currant, traveler, and without chaff help to reduce and maintain a proper body weight. Spirulina, and without ortosyfon responsible for normalizing blood sugar. Moreover perz reduces appetite. Traveler, black currant, holly and with diuretics and remove water from the body.Blackcurrant and spirulina alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, reinforcing effect on the body and have stimulating properties.Currant, apple, lilac, mint and grapefruit are responsible for the intense and fresh taste of tea prepared.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

It is recommended to use tea to aid the process of weight loss and maintenance of weight loss dream.

To use:
Apply orally in the form of infusion prepared according to the following scheme: 1 sachet pour 1 cup boiling water, infuse about 15 minutes.Take x 1-3 / 24.