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Teasel root medicinal uses, Bodyguard

Nuhrovia GmbH

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Teasel root mother tincture Bodyguard 20 ml

Teasel root mother drink 20 ml – Bodyguard


Teasel root medicinal uses, Bodyguard, teasel root medicinal uses:


Teasel root has been known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is also known to be an effective immunity booster as well as an appetite stimulator. The herb was also used to treat warts and external wounds in the Middle Ages. It was also used for treating bacterial infections.

Do you find it difficult to differentiate yourself? Do you feel easily “taken over”? Are you stressed, overwhelmed or afraid? Those who are mentally at their limit often also have the “doors” open physically. The wild teasel protects and “spices” the environment in a way that invaders and conquerors do not like. It is said that ticks don't like ticks either.

Natural essences from Nuhrovia are pure natural products, without additives and therefore particularly well tolerated. They are made by hand from wild plants and enriched with sunlight over several weeks in the south, hence their name “sun brightener”.

Psychological assignment:

  • Do you find it difficult to differentiate yourself?
  • Do you feel easily “taken over”?
  • Fears? Stress? Overstimulated?
  • Keeps unpleasant things at a distance so that you still feel capable of acting
  • inner cleansing when you feel “occupied”.

Physical assignment:

  • liver
  • Joints
  • skin
  • unwanted invaders and “conquerors”
  • Ticks don't like teasel
  • Protection and purification


Teasel root medicinal uses, Bodyguard Ingredients:

Water, alcohol (40%), teasel root from wild collection


Recommended Teasel root medicinal uses, Bodyguard consumption:

Drink 1 liter of water seasoned with 10-15 drops of drinking water throughout the day.