TENA Comfort Plus x 46 pieces - TENA Comfort Plus

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  • Looking for anatomical diapers that will meet your high requirements? Be sure to try Tena products! Tena Comfort Plus diapers provide protection against leakage, as well as skin comfort.

Action and use:
High quality anatomical diapers Tena Comfort Plus are innovative solutions that are used to maximize leakage protection and skin comfort. For people who do not keep urine the key issue is the quality of the absorbent load, and this used in Tena Comfort Plus diapers is sensational. FeelDry technology counteracts skin contact with urine, moisture is immediately absorbed into the middle of the feed where it is effectively isolated. Despite pressing pressure on the urine, the urine does not leak from it. Mark Tena also found the answer to the unpleasant odor of ammonia, the Odour Neutralizer. It must be stressed yet how unique the diaper is. The special elastic bands at its edges form a bucket shape, This way, it creates a barrier to prevent leakage and makes the product perfectly suited to the body. The rear panel is made of breathable, fabric-like material ConfioAir. The moisture indicator allows you to control the need to replace the diaper, and the color markers help you quickly identify the right size and type of product.

Level of absorption: 7/8.

Additional information:
dermatologically tested product. Keep product out of reach of children, at room temperature.

How to use:
For better protection and comfort, it is recommended to wear it with Tena netting panties. Details: TENA Comfort Plus