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TENA Lady Pants Plus L x 30 pieces

SCA Hygiene Products

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  • Tena pants. Absorbent underwear Tena Lady Pants Plus OTC Edition was created for women who, despite incontinence problems, still want to feel feminine. Absorbent pants provide dryness, discretion and a high level of comfort.

High absorbency and the necessary discretion, and all this perfectly matched to the female figure and in addition, in a beautiful, peach-colored color. Every lady will feel confident and safe with Tena Lady Pants Plus OTC Edition absorbent underwear. The soft, breathable material is nice to the skin, and the smell control prevents olfactory discomfort. Tena absorbent pants guarantee triple protection against moisture, leakage and odor. Absorbency level: 5,5 / 8.

Tena Lady Pants Plus OTC Edition L absorbent underwear for women who are incontinent and who remain active. Size L for women with a waist circumference of 95-130cm (EU size: 44-54).

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. The product has been dermatologically tested.

Directions for use:
Use as intended.