TENA Lady Pants Plus Noir L x 30 pieces

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Absorbent underwear in black designed for women - Tena Lady Pants Plus Noir. Absorbent pants with 5.5 / 8 absorbency level are recommended to wear in the case of moderate to severe incontinence. For women who remain active.

Action of Tena Lady Pants Plus Noir:

High quality, full protection, comfortable wearing are the advantages of Tena Lady Pants Plus Noir absorbent underwear. An additional advantage is the shape adapted to the female anatomy and the elegant black color. The product's absorbency level (5.5 / 8) allows its use in moderate to severe urinary incontinence. Tena Lady Pants Plus Noir absorbent underwear is dedicated to women who remain active, walk or just move around the house. High protection is provided by the shape adapted to the woman's anatomy and the absorbent core with superabsorbent and the FeelDry system. In addition, Odour Neutralizer system ensures comfort and discretion, which prevents the unpleasant smell of urine. Underwear is comfortable to wear, it is put on like traditional panties, what's more, it fits well and doesn't stand out under the clothes. Special, soft, breathable materials are a great convenience.

Medical device Tena Lady Pants Plus Noir designed for walking and moving women who are struggling with moderate or severe incontinence. Size L: waist circumference - 95-130cm

Additional information:
Store out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light.

How to use Tena Lady Pants Plus Noir absorbent underwear:

Use as intended. Absorbent pants wear as normal underwear. To remove or replace it, tear the side seams. The product after use should be thrown into the bin.