TENA Lady Ultra Mini x 28 pieces

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  • Liners TENA Lady Ultra Mini are just 3mm thick and therefore provide discretion. The high degree of absorbency and system Fresh Odour Control guarantee comfort for occasional problems with incontinence.

Small and discreet insert TENA Lady is a protection for your underwear. For people with incontinence, even those occurring sporadically standard panty liner is not sufficient. Product TENA Lady, even though it has Tylka 3mm thick, is extremely absorbent, and the upper layer QuickDry Topsheet ensures rapid absorption and provides a feeling of dryness. Fresh Odour Control System allows you to feel fresh, because it absorbs the smell of urine. The material from which the insert is gentle and does not irritate the skin and the shape of BodyShape adapts perfectly to the body. Adhesive strip holds the pad well glued to the underwear.

inserts TENA Lady Ultra Mini for women who have problems with urinary incontinence. Usage: Use as intended.