TENA Men Super (Level 3) x 20 art

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  • Extremely absorbent contribution anatomical Tena Super Men (Level 3) is equipped with a superabsorbent absorbent, so it can be used even at night. It provides protection against leakage.

With an average urinary incontinence cartridges are needed with a stronger degree of absorbency. Tena Men Super (Level 3) has double the amount of absorbent, protects against leakage, and retains moisture within the cartridge. The bucket shape of the cartridge has been designed for the male anatomy, additionally used on the edges of flexible rubber bands that fit to the body, so that men feel comfort, safety and convenience. Superabsorbent provides absorbent skin dryness, moreover, prevents odor of urine. The product through samoprzylepnemu fastening strap is securely attached to the underwear. The inserts are packed separately.

inserts anatomical Tena Super Men (Level 3) for men with the problem of light or moderate incontinence.

Additional information:
The product out of the reach of children, at room temperature. Product dermatologically tested, skin-friendly material.

It is used in accordance with the intended use.