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  • Tena Flex Maxi is a proposal for people who suffer from severe and severe urinary incontinence. The belt loops fit into the body, have a dual absorbent pad and are made of breathable material.

Action and use:
When selecting pant diapers for people with severe and very severe urinary incontinence, it is important to pay attention to the capacity of the absorbent bed. The Flex Maxi's eco-friendly cushions boast an extremely absorbent dual feed with FeelDry technology, which separates the urine from the skin to prevent skin irritation. However, not only does the cartridge prevent leaking, special protective rails are used for this purpose. In addition, strict adherence of the product to the body prevents the liquid from escaping. It's not everything! Comfortable use provides anatomically matched shape and air permeable material, which prevents moisture from the skin. Tena Flex Maxi is designed to be easily changed - the Superfit belt adapts to the body and the ComfiStretch solution makes it more flexible. Only, What you need to do to put on a pant diaper is to fasten the waistband and attach the anatomical pad. Special wristbands around the thighs hold the product in place. Tena's nappies have two more strengths - the moisture indicator and the odor neutralizing system, the Odor Neutralizer. The moisture indicator by changing the color from yellow to blue indicates the need to replace the pant diapers.

Size S is suitable for people with hips circumference from 61 to 87cm. Absorption level: 8/8.

Additional Information:
Keep out of reach of children at room temperature.

Use as intended.

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