TENA Pants Plus M x 10 pieces

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  • Tena pants plus M. People who suffer from moderate or severe incontinence may still be active! Tena Pants Plus OTC Edition absorbent pants, which are thin, comfortable and very absorbent, will help you. Absorbency level: 6/8.

The ConfioFit system used in the TENA Pants Plus OTC Edition absorbent pants is responsible for the unique profiling as well as the unique thinness of the product. Thanks to it, the panties are very comfortable (they fit perfectly to the body), provide the wearer with comfort and discretion, and most importantly they provide effective protection against leakage, in addition, special barriers prevent the leakage of urine regardless of the position. A characteristic feature of the absorbent load is very rapid absorption of all moisture, which allows it to be fully isolated from the skin. An additional protection for the skin is the FeelDry technology, thanks to which the urine remains inside the load even in situations of strong pressure. Tena Pants Plus OTC Edition absorb panties also protect against odors. A breathable outer material allows for free air circulation.

Tena Pants Plus OTC Edition M absorbent pants recommended for moderate or severe incontinence. Suitable for people who walk. Size M: for people with a waist circumference of 80-110cm.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

How to use:
Absorbent underpants are not different from regular underwear. However, to remove them you should tear the side seams.