TENA Pants Super Large x 30 pieces

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  • Tena pants super large. The absorbent pants in a series of Tena Pants Super have a high absorptive capacity so that they can be replaced less frequently.Their main advantages are a humidity indicator indicating the need to replace the system and Odor Neutralizer reducing intense odor of ammonia.

Operation and use:
The absorbent pants Tena Pants with a super absorbent and double the charge shield ConfioFit make enjoying dryness long time to persons with moderate to severe incontinence. Technology FeelDry retain moisture in the feed so effectively that it is not released even if the pressure on the cartridge. The special anatomical shape and double shield is a guarantee that the panties will not leak, regardless of whether the person is lying, sitting or standing. Briefs Tena Pants Super thin and are not distinguished by clothing, which increases the comfort of use, and provides the desired privacy. Briefs made of soft skin material, the outer layer is breathable, reducing the risk of irritation. Photo of worn panties is very simple, just pull the tear-side seams. Tena Pants Super also have a moisture indicator that indicates the need to replace the briefs by means of a color change from yellow to blue. Marka Tena also secured the neutralization of unpleasant odor of urine, which is absorbed by the system Odor Neutralizer. Size L corresponds to the circumference of the hips equal 100-135cm.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Method of use:
Use as intended.