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Tena proskin comfort extra

Essity Germany GmbH

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TENA COMFORT extra templates, Tena proskin comfort extra

 Tena proskin comfort extra

Tena proskin comfort extra, TENA COMFORT extra pads

Safety for moderate to severe incontinence
The incontinence product TENA Comfort Extra was developed for people who need secure protection with high absorbency and prefer incontinence pads. The special shell shape offers reliable protection against leaks and a comfortable fit thanks to the body-hugging fit.

Tena proskin comfort extra:

The FeelDry Advanced TM technology ensures that the urine is quickly drawn away from the surface and the skin remains dry. The absorbent absorbent core locks in liquid even in larger quantities and maintains the dry feeling. At the same time, air can circulate through the fully breathable ConfioAir TM back panel and the skin can breathe. All of these properties support the maintenance of natural skin health. The incontinence product was specially designed for use with TENA Fix fixation pants and can be easily changed in an upright or lying position. TENA ProSkin Comfort are available in different suction strengths.

Developed for a natural skin climate.
Protecting skin health is particularly important in the event of incontinence. To promote the maintenance of healthy skin while ensuring a high level of comfort, TENA has developed the new breathable protection ConfioAir TM . The fully breathable protection keeps the skin climate at a natural level and thus ensures a more pleasant skin feeling for the user. The better breathability and protection of skin health is confirmed by nursing staff*.

The advantages of TENA ProSkin Comfort Extra


  • Triple protection for skin health: Keeps you dry, gentle on the skin and protects against leaks
  • FeelDry Advanced TM : The optimized absorbent layers immediately draw urine away from the surface and keep skin dry
  • Breathable materials allow air to circulate and ensure skin health and comfort
  • Gentle and pleasant on the skin thanks to textile-like materials
  • Odor neutralizer: Works immediately and permanently against the smell of ammonia
  • Easy to change the insert when standing or lying down
  • Dermatologically tested and certified by Skin Health Alliance: TENA ProSkin Comfort has been dermatologically tested and approved by independent skin health experts. So you can be sure that all products are skin-friendly.


Application Tena proskin comfort extra instructions


TENA ProSkin Comfort Extra is easy to change when standing or lying down. First fold the cup-shaped insert lengthwise and pass it between the legs. To ensure the absorbent protective zone fits perfectly, the retaining tabs are first aligned on the front side of the body and then at the back. The incontinence pad is held in position by the TENA fixation pants.

What advantages does ConfioAir TM bring ?
ConfioAir TM is a fully breathable protection. In comparison to non-breathable diaper pants, where the relative moisture content is 60 to 70%, with ConfioAir TM this value is only 35 to 40% thanks to the breathable back and side sections and therefore corresponds to the natural skin climate**.

How big is the TENA ProSkin Comfort Extra?
The incontinence template measures a total length of 64 cm. Due to its size and unique shell shape, TENA Comfort EXTRA offers secure leakage protection and a close fit.

Can the incontinence pad slip in the fixation pants?
No, if inserted correctly, the insert cannot slip. The product was developed specifically for use with TENA fixation pants. The wide tabs at the front and back give the template support, and it is held in the correct position in the body-hugging fixation trousers when lying down or standing.

Is TENA Comfort Extra also suitable for people who are bedridden?
Yes, the template was designed specifically for the needs of people with limited mobility and bedridden people. When used with the TENA fixation pants, the insert stays in the correct position. Users also appreciate the soft, skin-friendly material and the pleasant wearing comfort.

* Product tests with 242 nursing assistants in three countries: 88% of nursing assistants confirm that TENA Slip with ConfioAir TM offers better breathability and protects skin health.
** Essity microclimate tests with 30 participants wearing traditional incontinence pants and TENA briefs with ConfioAir TM . The relative skin moisture is measured on the front, back and sides for 45 minutes, 2013.